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Mindfulness is not just for for monks, gurus or hippies!

Yes, there's a place for mindfulness for "the rest of us"! Regular people who are busy with a million little things, but who would still would like to experience life more fully can also benefit from Mindful Living.

Short on time but big on motivation? This little e-book is full of practical, actionable, mindful living tips for those of us who "suck at being mindful" from an easy to understand Certified Mindfulness Coach.

Melissa Maxx shares the mindful living tips and practices she learned after living as a hard-partying, hardly sleeping, work addicted, rock radio Disc Jockey and TV Host in Los Angeles resulted in her physical and emotional break down. That break down, resulted in her re-birth of sorts. She knew it was time for a complete lifestyle overhaul, mentally, physically and spiritually.

The author traded in her decades long career interviewing celebrities ranging from Ben Affleck to Guns N Roses, in order to study everything she could about the mind body connection, health and wellness, mindfulness and mindful living, personal development, self love and self-care.The result was not only her own personal transformation but her desire to help others get back on track by sharing what she learned.

Written in a fun, down-to-earth, easy to understand way "Mindfulness for People Who Suck at Being Mindful" presents 6 shifts we all can all use to make mindful choices, find mindful meaning daily, reclaim our power and lead more fulfilling lives. A more mindful way is waiting for us all!

You'll explore areas including learning how to tell the difference between your inner critic and your inner voice, how to relate to others more mindfully, how to live more authentically, how to make better use of your time and energy and and how to start making more mindful choices in all aspects of your life!

This book is for you IF:

  • You are curious about mindful living but don't know exactly what that means

  • You want to feel in control of your life again.

  • You'd like to feel more fulfilled but don't have time to start a big self-help or person development practice.

  • You are intrigued by the ideas of meditation and mindfulness but find them daunting and overwhelming.

  • You'd like to learn about Mindfulness is a not "TOO woo-woo" type of way, with practical, actionable, tips, practices and lessons.

This is not your typical personal development, self -help, growth mindset, spirituality, personal transformation, self improvement book!

Less expensive than a cup of coffee and with longer lasting/ more energizing results. Scroll to the top of the page and hit the "buy" button!

Praise for "Mindfulness for People Who Suck at Being Mindful":

"Small on pages big on insights and ideas!"

"The Author suggests many practical shifts we can use anytime, anywhere"

"Melissa Maxx is an exciting new voice in the mindfulness/personal development movement. Both hopeful and cynical, humorous and inspiring, this refreshing book is one real people can relate to."

"So many tiny nuggets of wisdom and inspiration, I have to read it again!"

"The author speaks as if the reader is her friend, and makes learning about an intimidating topic like mindful living manageable and fun..."

"FINALLY a book on Mindfulness that doesn't require a Master's Degree in Theology."

"Melissa Maxx is a little bit mindful and a little bit rock n' roll".

"A practical guide on mindful living and making mindful choices for "The rest of us".

"Magnificent Milly's Magically Mindful Day!"

Magnificent Milly's Very Mindful Day (17 x 8.5 in) (17 x 8.75 in) (17.309 x 8.75 in) (17.3

Magnificent Milly has the day off from school.

She heads to her backyard to play, as she has done many times before.

This time, mom gives her some instructions...which change everything!

This is the first book in the "Big Ideas For Little People" series. In it, Milly learns the importance of mindfulness and mindful living.

Maxx first book, "Mindfulness For People Who Suck At Being Mindful" had big ideas for big people.

By using our senses and being aware of our environment we can all lead happier, healthier lives and the younger we start, the better! Kids can benefit from mindfulness too!

A fun, colorfully illustrated book on mindfulness for kids 4 and up (and some grownups) and it rhymes!

Magnificent Milly's Very Mindful Day (17 x 8.5 in) (17 x 8.75 in) (17.309 x 8.75 in).png

About the Author:


Melissa Maxx is a radio and TV host (WBCN Boston, KLOS Los Angeles, The Shark Miami and "Tiny House Builders" on HGTV).She spent over two decades interviewing musicians and celebrities ranging from Guns N’ Roses to Ben Affleck.


After a debilitating illness forced her to give up her broadcasting career and leave her home in Los Angeles, she relocated to Florida and became a student of the mind-body connection. She realized it was time to make some drastic lifestyle changes physically, emotionally & spiritually.


Through her blog, and just launched YouTube channel, "A Maxximized Life", she shares what she has learned with the hope of helping others optimize their mental and physical health, reclaim their power and live the life they were meant to live!


She now resides on the beach in South Florida with her fur companions and works as a mindfulness coach, author, blogger and content creator.

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