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BLOG POST:The Joy of Self Stick Envelopes, the Garbage Chute,& a Clean Litter Box.

Updated: May 30, 2023

Today I got excited when I went to lick an envelope and realized that it was the self-sealing kind. I actually said “yay” out loud, and meant it. I’m not joking. And I’m not joking about not joking. My life used to be exciting. I had a job as radio DJ in Los Angeles, got to meet and hang out with rock stars, had a small circle of close friends, and an even larger social circle. I went to concerts, parties, travelled, I even dated. Now, my post pandemic excitement comes in the form of a visit from the UPS man, a trip to the garbage chute and finding out I don’t have to lick an envelope.  I find satisfaction in taking a shower and a clean litter box (for the cats, not me.) Although it sounds funny, it is actually a state of grace, I think. While so many people are complaining of boredom, fighting over politics, and being ugly to each other on social media, I have found a quiet peace and gratitude. Once you realize that in the grand scheme of the universe and existence most things that we give our time, energy and attention to don’t really matter...suddenly the smallest seemingly insignificant things begin to hold enormous value. A shared laugh, a cool breeze, a touch from a loved one, the beauty of a flower (and a clean litter box) can all bring immense joy and awe.We get to choose the objects of our focus, and that focus helps determine the quality and direction of our lives.

Next time something vies for your attention and energy, ask yourself if it’s really worthy of your precious time.


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